Terry Rogers from Lewes was mindful that his father experienced heart problems in his late forties. So, at 53 and keen to prevent history from repeating itself, he went for a health check at his local surgery. The results showed Terry was in a high risk category for diabetes.

"I was told that if I didn't do something about it, I'd be likely to get the disease. I have family members with diabetes so I understand the consequences and wanted to nip my risk in the bud."

Terry was invited to go on the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) to help him turn things around. The programme, delivered by health services provider Ingeus, aims to support those in danger of developing Type 2 diabetes to reduce the risk, or even stop them getting diabetes altogether.

"I was apprehensive about the group setting but I really enjoyed it. Rebekah, the educator, was very knowledgeable and experienced, and we all had fun.

"Admittedly, I'd been overdoing the fast food and chocolates and was overweight, so it was really helpful to learn about healthy eating and getting into good habits. I made a conscious decision to do better. I reduced the treats and increased the healthier carbs and veg."

On top of his healthy food choices, Terry started an exercise programme at his local gym. "My job as a bus driver means I can be sitting down for up to 14 hours so I knew I had to get moving. I started working out three times a week. Then I spotted a "From Couch to 5k" programme at Lewes Athletic Club so I signed up.

"I've lost 10kg and four inches from my waist, my BMI is great and, best of all, I had a blood test which showed I've lowered my diabetes risk. My family have noticed a positive difference and have complimented my new look. I feel brilliant and have more energy. I'm also proud to say that within eight weeks of joining the athletic club programme I really was running that 5k!

"I'd say to anyone who's had a diagnosis like mine to have an open-mind and just try the NDPP programme."

Ingeus educator, Rebekah Few added: "Terry is an inspiration to others in his group and has taken what he's learned from NDPP to really transform his health."