When Kenya-born Usha Coltman was first told she was at risk of Type 2 diabetes, she declined to take action because of her other mounting health problems. However, when she looked online about how diabetes might affect her, she soon changed her mind.

Usha, who’s 57 and lives in Oadby in Leicestershire, was advised by her GP that she really needed to address the situation to help stave off the condition. Diabetes can lead to life-changing implications and so her doctor suggested she sign up for the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. Usha soon discovered that small changes to her lifestyle can make a big difference to her health. This was the news she needed, and she’s now taking more exercise, as well as making simple changes to her diet and lifestyle.

“I’m proud to have taken the first steps towards making things better for myself,” said Usha. “Already I’ve struck up a great relationship with my programme leader Rachel and that’s really helped. Rachel explains things simply and encourages us to help ourselves. It’s just what I need.”

Type 2 diabetes usually appears in middle-aged or older people, although more frequently is being diagnosed in younger overweight people. It occurs when the body is not making enough insulin, or the insulin it is making is not being used properly.

“Around 4.5 million people are living with diabetes in the UK, and around 700 people are diagnosed with the disease every day,” said Rachel Downer from Ingeus, who’s leads the Healthier You courses in the region. “These are worrying statistics, but the reality is that so many people, just like Usha, can avoid Type 2 diabetes by making small adjustments in their lives. Usha has discovered that it’s not difficult, and her health is benefitting as a result.”

“I’m only able to go for short walks because of my arthritis, but it’s making all the difference and I already feel so much better,” added Usha. “I’m seeing more of my family and friends because I’m getting out of the house more, I’m losing a little weight, and I’m generally feeling much healthier. I’m determined I’ll do all I can to reduce my risk of becoming diabetic.”