Auriol North, 71, from Northampton was called in by her GP for a routine cholesterol test but the results revealed she was at high risk of getting diabetes.

"My blood tests showed I was very much in the diabetes risk zone," said Auriol. "It came as a total shock because I thought I ate quite well. However, when I thought about it, the weight had crept on over the years — a combination of not being as active as I could be and a fondness for sweet treats. So it was very timely that I was invited to take part in the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme."

The aims of the programme, delivered by health services provider Ingeus, are to support those at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes so they can reduce that risk, delay it, or even avoid getting diabetes altogether.

Auriol continued: "The sessions with Henna, the educator, helped to jog my memory on all things health. It was a great reminder to get active and reduce my sugar consumption (without having to count calories). I also learned all about diabetes - which was a real incentive to avoid it!"

As a member of the WI and a grandmother of four, Auriol is a keen cake baker but she wanted to make changes to support her new lifestyle. "As my cakes are well received I don't want to tamper with the recipes. Instead, I've cut down on sweet treats myself and have stopped having sugar in my tea and coffee. I've also increased my walking."

Auriol has lost 10lbs and had another blood test which showed that she's reduced her diabetes risk significantly. "I feel much better and there have been some helpful changes like being able to bend down to tie my shoes instead of putting my foot on a step."

Ingeus educator, Henna Parmar added: "Auriol has made sustainable changes to her lifestyle and had great results. She's an example of how NDPP can support our participants to make long-term changes that pay dividends for their future health."